Waerebo Villag

        Waerebo is one of the existing traditional villages across Flores island, the most remote village which located in the mountain at the elevation of 1.100masl and only accessible by hiking. There are 7 conical houses; 5 houses are for local and 2 houses are for tourists to stay. This place is ideal for those who are seeking solitude and opportunity to have an intimacy with nature and culture. If you are looking for a place to escape hustle and bustle, Waerebo is your perfect destination to come to. Aside from its culture that is very well-preserved by its own people, Waerebo is also rich of wildlife. There are 38 bird species have been identified, wild boar, long-tailed macaques, squirrels, civets, and various kind of plants.

          Journey to Waerebo is an adventure, so please leave behind any high-end expectation of quality services. From Labuan Bajo, you will be driving approximately 4 hours to Dintor village, stop here for lunch before heading to the hiking point. The hiking takes you 2 hours to reach the village. On your arrival, you’ll be meeting their chief to conduct a welcome ritual, which is locally called Wae Lu’u, to show respect to their ancestors and wish a happy visit. After this ritual, you’re welcomed to explore the village and surronding.

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