Samana Sancta is a practice of Portuguese in celebrating Easter which the history of human salvation is reflected. Samana Sancta is started by Portuguese traders while settled Larantuka since before 1600. When the Dutch East India Company gained control over the spice island trade, the Portuguse in Larantuka focused at the trade of sandle-wood from Timor. In 1520 the Portuguese established a trading post and transit harbor in the village of Lamalera on the eastern side of Solor. The Portuguese population of Larantuka exploded after the Dutch conquered Malacca and Makasar. The Potuguese cultural influence since then remained substantially in the Diocese of Larantuka in Flores Timur. Semana Sancta is well preserved by the local Catholic Church and the people in the Diocese of Larantuka up to now.

Semana Sancta is an annual celebration that has been attracted Catholic pilgrims from Flores and all over Indonesia to Larantuka every Easter season. In the occassion, the statue of Tuan Ma (Mother Mary), Tuan Ana (Jesus) and Meninho (Baby Jesus) lead the procession started from the Katedral Reinha Rosary. The Parade draws a huge number of mass who makes stop in a number of points where scene of the history of Jesus is thetrically performed as a commemoration of the event, until the parade ends in the same Chatedral again. The procession done in 2010 marked the 5th century of Catholic existence in Flores Island. The long winding road to Larantuka failed to discourage no less than 15,000 pilgrims – local and foreign flocking in the little town that week.

You are invited to participate in this specific religious parade. It is a unique way in celebrating white Easter in East Flores

Please notice, for this event participation of local pilgrims and the overseas visitors is very high. If you intend to participate in this event, please book far in advance to make sure you get the hotel room and transportation. Meridian Tours is ready to assist you…

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