Sumba island is one of the biggest island in the East Nusa Tenggara Province, also known as Tanah Merapu “ Merapu island” that is referring to traditional belief of the Sumbanese, namely Merapu. The majority of local people here have embraced modern religions, such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, etc,.but there are still some who persist in embracing Merapu. Merapu is the eternal inhabitants of the sky whose descendants live on earth and become the ancestors of the tribes in Sumba. According to Merapu, house and gravestone are symbols of life and death. House is a shelter when we’re alive and gravestone is a shelter after we are dead.

          Geographical features of Sumba island seem rough and tough, the driest land within East Nusa Tenggara Province. But this island is offering mesmerizing nature and unique culture. Once you got here, you’ll be instantly surprised by its wonderes of magnificent waterfalls, panoramic views, stunning white-sandy beaches, and well-preserved traditions. One thing you cannot miss about Sumba island is Pasola, a deadly ceremony where there are two opponents both riding fast horse and attacking each other using spare made of wood. Success is accomplished by making the opponent bleeds out. There is no sanction even though unfortunate incidents might happen.

          The easiest way to get here is by flight. There are two small airports here, located in the east and west. The perfect time to make a holiday to Sumba island is during dry season, which taking place from May to November. But, if you’re really wanting to see the ceremony Pasola, then you must come on February and March. The recommended duration of tour exploring the island is 6 days 5 nights, most of the tour is a road trip.

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